2018 Journey To Financial Independence

Happy New Years

Welcome back everyone. 2018 was a fast one. Lets take a second review the past year! For the past few years, I have been searching for financial independence. However, I never knew that it was called FIRE ( Financial Independence Retire(ing) Early). I was always interested in having financial independence. That way I did not have to depend on a JOB to pay my bills and debts. After working and saving some money to pay down debt, I was still constantly searching for a way to reach financial freedom. I will have this in a future blog post. Stay connected and join the news letter to see read this in a later post.

Financial Independence Movement

Reflecting back on 2018, I found out that I was not the only one trying to reach financial independence. There were other people out there doing the same thing. These people are Paula Pant from Afford Anything, Joe from RetireBy40, Stacking Benjamins guys, Mr.Tako Escapes, Financial Samurai, Fire Drill Ladies, and many more. They are part of this movement called FIRE.

At the beginning of this year, my wife decided to join me on this path to financial independence and retiring early to do what we love. I will include this in a future post if people request it.

Early Steps

Early 2018, I was able to convince my wife what my financial freedom vision was. She understood my vision and decided to join me on my financial independence journey. Now, it’s not just my journey, but it is our journey.  I will have a blog post later on how I convinced her to join me. In the meantime, our first step was to lower our expenses.

Since I finished paying off my student loans off in 2017, that meant we had to finish paying off my wife’s student loans to lower our monthly expenses. We rearrange our financial priorities and we were able to pay off her student loans. In total, we paid off about thirty thousand in student loans in 2 years. After that, we tried to start many side hustles.  

Side Hustles

We started with an array of side hustles. However, after a few failed  and semi-failed side hustles, I had to pull myself back. I started to examine why these ideas were not working. One of the side hustle was this blog. I purchased this website and started the blog early 2018. However, I rarely had any time, knowledge, and motivation to work on designing the site to get it started. After a few months, my wife and I spent a good full month working on her website. Then once the momentum was started, it motivated me more to get my blog going. It took a few more months, but now it has started. If you want to start a blog, I will include that in a future post.

2018 Overview

In 2018, we lowered our expenses and lowered our income. We spent the year being frugal. Also, we started investing in the stock market and putting more money in our 401k. From our stock market investing experience for 2018, it was not a good year to start investing in the stock market. That does not mean we doesn’t invest in 2019. We will continue to invest in 2019.

Overall, we did OK in our first year of trying to reach financial independence. It’s all about taking steps forward. We started to gather and track our financial information more closely and carefully with personal capital. This way, we can plan on what we want to do and where we plan to go with our finances. If you want to read more about our 2019 plans I will have it here.

Don’t be the one who gets left behind financially. Everyone needs to get started tracking their finances with Personal Capital too. You can read our review on personal capital here and sign up with them here.

Personal Capital

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