Past History

You can call me MR.FI. I am the founder of My Time In FI. I am a first generation refugee. My family came to the states with nothing but the clothes on our backs. What can you bring with you when you are trying to escape a war torn country? Whatever you can grab and hold on to. While in the United States, growing up in poverty has motivated me. Since I was raised in America and have obtained the knowledge and tools to succeed, I should provide more for my family.


Present Day

Now, I am a thirty something millennial accountant who is married with one little one. I graduated from college with a business degree with a focus on accounting and finance. After college, I worked in many corporations. While working, my wife and I were able to save some of our income. Eventually, we were able to pay off 30k in student loans in 2 years.

After we paid off our student loans, I was able to convince my wife to focused our goals to increasing our wealth and net worth. I am currently still working in the rat race and I’m working on exiting the rat race by becoming financially independent. Eventually I would like to make MyTimeInFI (MTIF) into a full time hustle.


Future – Plans & Purpose

I am documenting my journey to financial independence (FI) here on this blog for my son. As he grows up, I hope he can read and learn from me. Hopefully someday I can leave this website as a legacy for my son.

For all the readers, I want to share with you the same things I want to share with my own family. I want others who are also searching for FI to also be able to learn and chase after their dreams. The road to FI is often a lonely one. There will be times when you feel burnt out and depressed. Which is why, hopefully we can create a community that uplifts and help others.

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